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DsWs Memberships

Memberships, both Class and Private, offer discounts for 2021.

Class Membership

Cost: $44 per person per fortnight, Direct Debited.

Unlimited Classes

Attend as many classes as you like each week. There are some classes only open to children, or to adults. Please see the front desk for more information regarding these, and to arrange your payment schedule.

No need to carry cash

Membership dues are deducted fortnightly. There is no need to carry cash, keep track of accounts or deal with sending money with your children. Simple!


Membership Card

Private Membership

Cost: $500 per person

Loyalty Rewards Card

Get your loyalty card signed when you pay for your lessons. Every 10th private lesson is free.

Discounted Lessons

All private lessons are $70 per hour, regardless of which teacher they are with. This price will stay at $70 for the entire of 2021, irrespective of any general price increases.

Practice Levy

Included for the entire year. Thats a saving of $10 per week - $440 saving!


Plan your year in advance. This pocket-sized calendar lists all medal days and studio events, as well as most competitions within Victoria and around Australia.


Multiple Memberships

If you wish to purchase more than 2 private memberships at once, discounts are available.

Simply put, the first 2 memberships are at full price,

the 3rd is 75%

the 4th is 50%

the 5th is 35%

the 6th is 25%

the 7th etc are free (yes free!)

Multiple memberships are only available to DIRECT family members, ie father/mother/child. This does not include grandparents, aunts, cousins etc.



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