Kids Classes

Our kids classes are all open to view at any time. We do not have a “shut out” policy for parents—and never will!
Our students love having mum or dad (or nanna) watching their achievements.
New students and their parents are invited to drop in at any time to view our classes, and see for yourself how much fun our kids have learning to dance.

Monday and Friday Nights

Casual Classes -$15 per person (discounts for multiple classes)
We teach a wide variety of styles, from ballroom dancing and latin, thru to party dances like the Hokey Pokey (for the very young ones). 
“Graduation” days are held at the studio 3 times a year. These are the perfect time for grandma and grandpa to come along and see your child in action, showing the skills they have learnt over the past term. Class times for each age group can be found on our Timetable.
Although we list ages for the beginner classes, these are approximate, and if a child belongs in a different class, for maturity or developmental reasons, this can easily be accommodated. And sometimes bringing 1 child at 5, and 1 at 6 can be difficult, so our classes are flexible to make it easier on parents.


Beginner refers to someone who has never danced, or has done less than 12 months of classes.
Children generally attend 1 class per week when first starting, so 30 minutes a week of learning and 30 minutes of social dancing. In their 1st 12 months this adds up to approx 20 hours.
Intermediate is a broad term,covering everyone from 12 months to several years.
Advanced classes should only be attended after discussion with a teacher. An advanced class assumes certain skills have been developed, and attendance without these skills can destroy fragile egos and self confidence.

Differently Abled Students

Our staff work with children and adults with special needs regularly, and often they are very happy in the mainstream classes. While we encourage all students to attend our classes, regardless of ability, some students need more attention than others.
Please call or email for assistance with your specific requirements.




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